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Model street restoration
Vysial Street is a fine example of a traditional Tamil streetscape, and it features on the heritage walk . The façades of about 20 houses were restored to their former glory, and general municipal services, e.g. road maintenance, street lighting, were upgraded.
Ecole Soussilabai
48 vysial street
Period: Early 20th century
A large Franco-Tamil style building was restored and is now used as the Soussilabai school. The building features the typical thinnai, thalvaram and carved doors that are the key traditional Tamil features along with a French touch in the thinnai which has masonry columns with spiral fluting and Corinthian capitals enclosed by wooden grill. The continuous pot balustrade is interrupted in the centre by a decorative mantel carrying the name of the building.
77 vysial street
36 vysial street
Period: Mid 19th century Architectural Significance:
A typical Tamil vernacular two-storied house with thinnai and thalvaram.

The thinnai and thalvaram further contribute to its Tamil character.

The first floor is a later addition that was built in a traditional style and a new structure was built in the back yard to accommodate gusts as the house got converted into a guest house.
73 vysial street
71 vysial street
69 vysial street
67 vysial street
63 vysial street
52 vysial street
77,77a,79 vysial street
44 vysial
42 vysial
32 - Vysial
30 - 77 ,77a ,79 vysial